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Shaykh Tijani has been teaching Arabic for many decades and has developed a style of teaching The Qur'an that is unprecedented. He inspires his students with love, humility and excellence. Anyone who has met him will appreciate that he epitomises the teachings of The Qur'an masha Allah. This website is dedicated to sharing his teachings and encouraging everyone to develop a deep, meaningful and close relationship with The Qur'an insha Allah.

"Studying The Qur'an is pure remembrance. The Qur'an is remembrance itself - with each letter you get ten hasanat (rewards)

People are lost.... they're thirsty - be a source of direction and guidance."


"Our aim is to learn The Qur'an, to understand it well, and then our job is to convey The Quran"

"All of you can be teachers, but you have to teach with a way, the correct way, it's not difficult. You can be doctors, you can be carpenters, you can be builders, it's not important. And you can be a teacher as well"


"How many words are there in the Holy Qur'an? There are about 1875 words in The Qur'an - and alot of the words, you already know..."

"A Blessed Book which We have revealed to you (O Muhammad), that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded"

Surah 38 Ayah 29

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